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Explore the wilderness of the north

Elk safaris, rafting, hiking, climbing or maybe wild bear spotting?

If you visit Sweden in summer, you are guaranteed extraordinary nature experiences. How about an elk safari where the record viewing is 34 elks? Or a chance to see wild bears from a floating hide.

Those are just a few examples of activities you will find in the list below. Most of them can be booked without much foresight or planning. Hopefully you will find something interesting close to where you are.


Inatur top tips

Climbing Välaberget- in Sweden rock climbing is mostly practised on indoor walls but in this case you climb real rocks. This is an exquisite, south facing climbing site with views overlooking Väliste, 1 025 meters above sea level.

The mountain offers more than 30 climbing routes, each about 10-17 meters long. We climb 3-5 of them and we also rappel down the cliffs. If you are interested, we offer a deeper insight into climbing, the equipment and how it all works. Bring your own lunch, a backpack and a lot to drink if weather is hot. All necessary climbing equipment is included.