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Inatur presents Sweden's entire offers of close-to-nature accommodation, as well as activities like hunting, fishing and other forest, mountain and water experiences. Here you can browse to find, compare, book and pay – all on one website.

These experiences are likely to become memories for life! If you spend summer in Sweden, brace yourself for out of the ordinary encounters with nature. On an elk safari you might end up facing some 30 majestic elks (am. moose).


Book your own hunting adventure! Try small game hunting on skis at your own pace, or accompanied by a hunting dog. Then step up to an exciting bear hunt in one of Sweden’s most densely populated bear grounds?
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All-in-one packages, annual license or a ticket to the fishing premiere! Whatever your preferences are, there are offers throughout Sweden. Before you know it, you will have gone fishing!
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All around Sweden you will find unique accommodation. Anything from a small fairytale cottages close to nature to the Grand Manor where you will be served locally produced food.
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Live life on your own raft

Build your own raft from logs and ropes and drift slowly downstream Ume River. A true close-to-nature experience. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity of Europe’s last wilderness. Let the ever-bright summer nights of the North give you a memory for life.  Go ashore wherever you like.

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River rafting in Åre

Åre offers world class river rafting and the wide range of tours makes it suitable for everyone. Whether you prefer an adrenaline kick run down the wild waterfalls of Vålån, or rafting the Tångböleströmmarna, a more beginner friendly experience.


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Gift Card

If you have found the perfect gift for a colleague, family member or friend, but are unsure of what date you can book, the solution is a gift card. Thus, the happy recipient can book from our entire range and pay with the giftcard.


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Experiences on water - Sweden is home to incredibly many waters, more specifically some 100 000 lakes, not to mention our amazing coastline. Water awakens our senses and creates great opportunities for various kinds of experiences.

You can explore and experience rivers, lakes and coastal waters in various ways. You may be looking for wellness, exercise, solitude, social activities or you just want to have fun. Whether you are in, on or by the water, there is always something to discover for everyone.

Maybe gliding soundlessly downstream in a canoe is your perfect adventure with family or friends this summer? If a canoe seems unstable, you can build your own log raft and travel downstream. The more adventurous looking for excitement go white water rafting, nature's own fairground attraction.

Many boaters choose to explore new waterways during summer, not only at sea but also on any of our countless lakes. Sweden’s numerous canals are ideal for travelling by boat between interesting destinations. The country’s oldest navigable canal between Lake Mälaren and Hjälmaren is an excellent holiday alternative.

Young or old - fishing is a great excitement booster, combining silence, concentration and anticipation of the big strike. With 100,000 lakes there are countless options in terms of fishing licenses.

Here on Inatur you will find inspiration for on water experiences and much more. Hopefully, you will find something exciting and interesting close to where you are. Book your activity and accommodation already now!

At Inatur we wish you unforgettable experiences by our Waters!